Monday, October 1, 2012

Oracle Technology

Why is technology fun? It is always changing and providing new solutions and new innovations. If you want
have a simple career then technology is not for you. Especially DBAs we have new things happening all of the time. More data, big data, faster hardware!

Yes, OOW does speak loud and proud about the Oracle technology and things that they are doing well and how they have the best of breed in the technology stack. It does also give motivation to see how to look at things differently, provide value to the businesses.

As a DBA, some things get simpler, while there are other opportunities in our jobs to keep us challenged. Cloud offerings, Engineered Systems, better performance with software and hardware are a few things that make things simpler. DBAs have the opportunity to look at managing these engineered systems, working with cloud offerings and database as service, and even developing more in the role of a Database Machine Administrator (DMA).

There are still challenges of data, what data business needs, integration of data, securing data for the business. Is this an emerging role as well for the DBA? Do we need Big Data DBAs? What is coming out that is a new feature that are benefits and should be implemented. Even if things haven't worked in the past or seen as something important, is it now?

That might be one interesting thought here, that even with previous years at OOW not seeing cloud as important, but willing to come back and see it with a new set of eyes and how there are benefits there now, are ways we should be looking at our database environments. Take a new look, take advantage of new technology, maybe look at a direction that was rejected in the past that might be worth it now. Same with the role of the DBA, not just creating database, adding users but new tools and new opportunities.


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