Monday, October 1, 2012


Say it real fast and it sounds like Twiki of Buck Rogers. (At least that was part of the discussion with some other Oracle ACE Directors.) The other part of the discussion was that this can provide a great way to consolidate, patch/upgrade and maintain Oracle databases.

So what do these new acronyms mean? CDB - Container database. The container database is the global area for the database and contains the main system information. PDB - Pluggable databases. The pluggable database is the user/application information and has the user tables and system information about all of objects in the pluggable database. This is a key new feature of the Oracle 12c database.

Just start to think about what this can mean. It means I can have a few container databases (CDB) and multiple pluggable databases (PDB) in each container. I can backup and recover a PDB to a point in time, I can clone a PDB in seconds and I can plug a database into a patched CDB and have that PDB now on the patched version as well. The PDB is isolated to other PDBs and now there are security options for access to a CDB and different logins for PDBs to keep access separate. The current databases, previous versions are now non-CDBs. There are also non-CDBs available in 12c, that behave like the current database instances with schemas and shared system information. They are easy to manage in the database tools, like database creation database, Oracle Enterprise Manager and SQL Developer.
The rest of the week at OOW should provide more information about CDBs and PDBs. This is a nice new feature of Oracle 12c and provides an easy way to manage different applications in one CDB. Faster too! Another bonus.


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